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Pjur is for everyone. Pjur is for married couples and twosomes, for the wild-at-heart and the young-at-heart, for the curious and for experts. Pjur is for me and for you. Pjur is for making love more fun. So, whether alone or together, for body care, or to add even more fun – there is a pjur product that is perfect for you. Pjur Med Natural Glide is a water based lubricant based on a totally natural formula. Using the highest quality ingredients such as pure herbal glycerine gives you additional moisture and guarantees longer lasting lubrication. Pjur lubricant know that it's not just about lubrication, it's also about moisture, and sometime your body needs more of it, so this formula will replenish care for and protects dry, stressed skin. All Pjur lubricants are dermatologically tested for hyper-sensitive skin. Pjur Med Natural Glide is safe for daily use.

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